Barbara Hauser

Barbara Hauser was born in Germany in 1965. Her early interest in art led to a study of art and graphic design in Munich between 1983-1987. Painting became her medium of choice.

Since that time she has sought instruction and inspiration from around the world. Travels have taken her to the far corners of the world, Indonesia, Africa, Holland, Italy, USA, Bali, Mexico and Australia have featured on her travel itinerary. She has a voracious curiosity for the world and its people leading her to observe humanity at close quarters. She is especially interested in the dispossessed, the vulnerable and minority groups within communities.

2014 Exhibition: “Fame & Glitter”

8 March – 15 April

German born artist Barbara Hauser’s figurative acrylic paintings are evocative and sensual with a deep understanding of the human spirit, engaging the viewer with an overwhelming response. Her exhibition titled ‘Fame & Glitter’ is full of power, strength and life as showcasing world famous musicians from the 60’s to today.

“Fame and Glitter – I love their interesting and colourful lives. I make portraits of artists I love and bring the feeling of their music to canvas. I want to honour them for the good times they give to me. I want the audience to hear and feel the music when they look at my paintings. It is simple, isn’t it? But it is not easy to do.” – Barbara Hauser


Her paintings reflect this preoccupation. Subjects vary from prostitutes to strippers to participants in the London Carnival. Her often enormous canvases leap off the wall demanding attention, leaving the viewer in no doubt about the intrinsic importance this painter places on all of humanity. Painted in flamboyant colour, she imbues her subjects with a sense of ownership of their space in the canvas and by implication their space in the world. The viewer comes away from her work in no doubt of man’s capacity to find strength in adversity.

During recent travels to Australia, it is no surprise that she has taken an interest in its indigenous people and the lives of St Kilda’s Street Sex Workers. The painting of individuals from these communities is already underway.

Last year, Barbara was invited to participate in life drawing classes at Dunmoochin (Clifton Pugh’s gift to the nation, an artist’s retreat at Cottles Bridge, north of Melbourne, Australia). In March 2012, Barbara took up a residency at Montsalvat, Australia’s oldest artist colony. In both places, Barbara quickly became a respected member of the arts community. Her diligence and commitment to her arts practice is exemplary.

While at Montsalvat, Barbara painted a portrait of Montsalvat’s long term resident Damien Skipper. This gritty portrait demonstrates Barbara’s ability to capture the soul of her subject in a ‘no nonsense’ honest way. It was shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Nillumbik Prize.

Barbara has been drawn back to Australia on several occasions due to the light and space of its environment and the open and welcoming qualities of its people. She has a great deal to contribute to its arts community. Through works such as the portrait of Damien Skipper (above) she adds her unique vision to Australia’s identity.

Artist Catalogue:

  • Barbara Hauser Catalogue March 2013
  • Please note: This is a catalogue of Hauser’s work from March 2013. Some works are still available. Some works displayed may now be sold. Artists accepts commisions.