Jean Bohuslav

As human beings most of us identify with our physical, emotional and mental aspects, forgetting the most important unchanging part of us which is consciousness. Only a small percentage of this awareness is available to us because we have covered it up with heart held attitudes. These attitudes which lay dormant most of the time act like a thick blanket which is thrown over a light, the light of our consciousness.

The paintings share intuitive documentations of personal and collective human foibles that have been noted on the road of self – discovery.

The oil, wax and medium refer to the veils that cover the light of our highest and often forgotten attribute.

Bohuslav’s twenty year interest in mindfulness philosophy, or the art of living is also an art of letting go, where substantially more is gained than forfeited.

This interesting journey has contributed to her artistic merits.

The encaustic works on canvas at times resemble a mixture of paintings, drawings and printmaking.

As painting is applied to canvas, wax is adhered to oils and then more color is added, either as the next layer or rubbed into incisions made in the wax.

Oil paint crayons are also used at times.

The whimsical animals may come from Bohuslav’s years in the country which she enjoyed very much.

They just keep on appearing out of the oil no matter what.