Joy Helen Lea

Tertiary trained, Fine Art at RMIT and Costume Design, multi award winning artist.  Symbols that form jigsaw puzzles of memory, time and life experiences form together as images that pour out on to paper and canvas.


The context of the current work is subliminal images that bind together in colour and layered textures to form the whole finished picture.
Drawing the figure always absorbs me and I love to use movement and rich colour.
Using my imagination and conveying the underlying emotions are the most important considerations when painting or drawing.
I find painting compulsive, delicious, calming and exciting!   It is also an ongoing source of intellectual and sensual pleasure.


Joy Lea presents to you her latest voice in paintings.  They are sung in a contented lyrical voice, rich in patterned vibrant colours.
The content of this body of work has been developed from a visual diary covering the last eighteen months; including an eight week experience living in Paris.