Kate Elliot

Melbourne artist Kate Elliott has recently been represented in several highly successful shows in both Melbourne and Sydney. Kate’s work is now held in private collections both in Australia and overseas.
Kate’s inspiration comes from nature, its colours and textures. Having relocated with her family from NSW to Bayside Melbourne, she is inspired by the vivid colour changes of the seasons, the ocean and the Bayside cliffs. She strives to capture movement in her paintings both representing nature and our very busy lifestyles.
Kate works with palette knives to achieve rich textures, mixed with fine lines. She applies thick layers of oil paint, giving her works a life of their own as the colours and shadows change with the light.

Artist’s statement
“There is a certain frenetic energy in nature – the constantly evolving seasons take us on an annual journey from blistering heat through to bone chilling cold. I never tire of these changes and the way nature provides us with a constantly evolving palette of colour. The striking colours of autumn’s changing leaves, to the deepest shades of a stormy sky or a fiery sunset provide me with constant inspiration.
When I paint I contrast this with the frenetic lives most of us now lead. Whilst we are busy organising ourselves, nature is also busying itself with its annual program of growth, decay and re-invention. I strive to capture these small moments in time to remind us of life itself.
I have fallen in love with Melbourne’s seasons. The colour changes of the leaves and then ultimately the bare tree branches that create a myriad of patterns against the ever changing backdrop of winter sky.
I love it when I look at a finished piece and my eyes involuntarily, and rapidly, move over the painting finally settling on a particular detail. I like my paintings to portray energy, the energy of nature, and the very busy lives many of us lead.”