Lydia Kirk

Opening at The Convent Friday 10th March 6.30pm.

As a painter Lydia Kirk is inspired by colour and movement. Her works have a sensual feeling. Unafraid of colour or textures, this love of pattern is often featured in her works. Feathers, velvets, brocades, rich luscious fabrics interwoven into the narrative of paintings.

Apart from incorporating these features into her paintings as with most artists, she loves wearing eccentric outfits.
This led her to explore burlesque and dance with a local Daylesford burlesque group, called The Bliss Bombs.
Inspired by the women in the group Lydia decided to paint some portraits of the women in their burlesque costumery and document rehearsals with photography.

Apart from an array of paintings, a bespoke 100% Crepe de Chine Silk Burlesque Kimono has been also made for the exhibition. Creatively collaborating with a local Daylesford pattern maker and designer, the fabric for the kimono was created by printing Lydia’s painting of flowers, titled ‘Luscious’, onto 100% Crepe de Chine Silk and working as a team to develop a unique piece of clothing that any burlesque lover would like to own.

Some of Lydia’s burlesque photographic works have also been chosen for the exhibition and printed on 100% Crepe de Chine Silk for use as elaborate wall hangings or to be used as wearable art, scarves, throws, etc.


Lydia grew up surrounded by artistic influences. Her mother was an amazing clothing designer and her father an engineer and jeweller. They encouraged Lydia to take the artistic path in life.


Lydia is a qualified a graphic designer. After years within the professional arena she decided to start a business with her husband, fellow artist, Peter Kirk in1998, specialising in marketing, packaging design and advertising. Later successfully selling the business with a view to live in Daylesford and pursue painting, music, language and the arts in general.
Lydia shares her studio with Peter in Musk, Daylesford at Raiin Retreats where they have offered life drawing and painting workshops for over 7 years.


With a desire to connect to community while living in the country, Lydia likes to be involved with local art events while volunteering her marketing and producer skills. Her love of art, fashion and the digital arena has led her to explore painting with the view to reproducing her work not only on canvas but on fabrics making wearable art. The creative process can be a lengthy or spontaneous moment so anything that assists the maker to explore options with artwork reproduction is exciting. Art should be accessible and enjoyed by all.