Mary Grace Gambin

l Born in Malta 1951

l Moved to Australia 1955

l Studied Art and Design at Melbourne State College

l Taught Art and Design at various Melbourne colleges

 The Australian bush and landscape has endless fascination for me especially my immediate environment of Central Victoria. The shapes, forms and textures that I represent come directly from my observations of this rich and harsh environment.

My work depicts the landscape that most interests me – Mt. Alexander and surrounding areas. I make outdoor sketches of my intended subject matter. I then translate tree shapes, stumps and open spaces into workable compositions. I reconstruct and create a personal interpretation of my chosen environment but at the same time capturing an essence of place.

I collect clay from the Mullock heap near my home and I mix the oxides to achieve both texture and unique colour. The effect is light, spontaneous, soothing and harmonious as I edit my vision and interpret our precious land.

My work is of and from rich landscape that I so love to explore and depict.