Peta Collett

When art and design meet angels sing


Welcome,  My name is Peta Fay Collett.

There are several interpretations of the name Peta Fay Collett,  but I prefer this one,  Peta means stone, or law,  Fay means fairy, and Collett means victory people.

So perhaps that makes me an overcoming rock fairy.

I prefer the term vision maker, as fairies only appear in people’s imaginations, dreams and visions.  Or do they?

My journey making vision started many years ago.

I grew up in country Gippsland, I had a dream of travelling to the city to pursue my creative vision of fashion. Upon arrival, I knew it was not the place for me, I knew that fashion College was not the place for me, well not in the traditional sense anyway.

I stumbled into the world of marketing,  which I totally enjoyed,  but after several years in the city I needed to travel,  my wings felt heavy,  so I flew home to Gippsland and then onto Sunraysia.  A place of beautiful landscapes, almond blossoms, lush green vineyards that take the eye for miles, rows that seem to extend themselves forever. Disappearing over small hills and settling in the distance.  The beautiful aroma of orange blossoms before the burst of lush juicy oranges starts to form. Bees buzzing amongst the delicate petals of almond blossoms.  Where else would an angel sing?

After meeting my husband and bearing my first child, A Viking from another era I might add,  I  became very restless again, I needed something more, I started nursing,  after several years in nursing,  and let’s face it,  nurses are angels of another kind,  I fell pregnant with my second child,  but after settling into farm life, baking angel cakes and making fairy bread, my wings felt  a little heavy again, so I flew to some beautiful places in Europe to search out what it was I really liked about fashion, art and design.

I started another journey, the fashion design journey; I created pathways for young people to start to indulge in their creative visions and passions. so they could fly too.

Not content entirely with the vision taking off in my region, I decided it was time to fly again, but how could I make this happen I wondered., where and when and why?  Were some of the questions I needed to find answers for.

So now my days are spent dreaming up wonderful visions on how to create beautiful images of women in beautiful landscapes, fabric designs and millinery.  I have a natural love of my landscape, women, fabrics, textiles and combining them all together. I was also fortunate this year to join again with another journey maker Teagan Jane.

So sometimes Teagan brings her beautiful lighting styles to my work to conclude my sense of romance and vision. Another angel if you like.

I believe in enhancing the beauty of women by use of colour, draping, millinery, makeup, hair and styling to produce innocent, pure and angelic images.

Because it is in the presence of angelic gifts that angels really sing.

So spread your wings and fly as life is too short for anything but.

Thank you to the Convent Gallery
Thank you to my family for all your support.
Thank you Teagan
Thank you Anthony