Peter Kirk


Peter Kirk loves painting people and unique characters as his subject matter. The opportunity to paint the local burlesque dancers of Daylesford, The Bliss Bombs, had instant appeal.
He loved the idea of capturing in his paintings something wonderful about these everyday women who transform themselves into extraordinary women. Burlesque pivots them out of the world of the everyday and into a glittering, theatrical wonderland. Individual styles, dance, costumery and fun!
To paint their personas and capture them on a canvas forever.


Painting is in Peter’s blood. His uncle, Ronald Hugh Kirk was a renowned painter in the
1940ʼs, who educated his nephew in the traditional methods of photography, hand painted retouching, art and design while being remembered for original Cherry Ripe packaging and original Moomba Logo, amongst other renowned clientele.


Peter trained as a designer and photographer and started his own business in 1992, specialising in marketing and packaging design. He sold his successful business with a view to following in his family’s footsteps of being a full time artist.
After constructing his own studio Peter is devoted to drawing, painting, sculpture and building with recycled materials art forms.
He continues his daily art practice in his studio in Musk, Daylesford at Raiin Retreats.


Peter believes that his success as a painter relies on his love of learning, his personal
drive and his curiosity and ability to capture true feelings in his work that connect with the viewer.
He has a passion for painting which he describes as a physical pleasure that runs alongside his desire to represent himself and his ideas.
He is unwilling to limit himself to one style, one specific pursuit or one thematic search in order that he has the freedom to explore. He notes that he is following in the steps of many established artists before him.
As a designer-maker-artist, Peter brings thoughts and materials together in his hands to create one-off pieces. He loves to touch and smell wood, use clear lacquer and create sawdust. His hands are often covered with paint and possibly there is a thin streak of paint on his chin. His work is a total collaboration whether it be using recycled timbers from an old home he himself has demolished or some old oil paints he bought at the Daylesford market. It’s all for making more art.


Musk Artists – The Pantechnicon Gallery Daylesford
Punch and Judy-Swiss Italian Festa Solo Exhibition 2012 (SOLD)
Swiss Italian Festa Landscape Prize – Honourable mention ( Anita Von Bibra) 2012 (SOLD)
Exhibition 2014 Secret Confession series – The Convent Gallery Daylesford
Exhibition 2016 Portraits of Folklore Fairytales – The Convent Gallery Daylesford

Private collections:
Private Portrait commission of Antony Coote (AM) (ANGUS AND COOTE and The Mulloon Institute)
Private Portrait commission of Antony Coote (AM) (ANGUS AND COOTE and The Mulloon Institute)
Private landscape commissioned by Antony Coote (AO) (ANGUS AND COOTE AND The Mulloon Institute)
Painting Wind Woman – Private Buyers Collection.
Painting Swamp Gum – Purchased by Nolan family.
Bald Hill series paintings – Private Buyers Collection.
Punch Portrait – Private Buyers Collection and figurehead of media promotions for 2012 Swiss Italian Festa
Pony Walk – Private Buyer
The Kiss – Private Buyer
Renaissance Lovers – – Private Buyer
Max – – Private Buyer