Rowena Carlin

Rowena Carlin is a local Melbourne artist who grew up in the south eastern suburb of Dingley and now resides in Malvern. She has fond childhood memories of lying on the trampoline gazing towards the sky and watching the clouds drift by. Her imagination took flight with theatrical images, music and colour dancing before her eyes. Her own delicious and divine little world. And so it began…

Rowena is inspired by the spaces-in-between. The blurred vision that carries us from one point of focus to the next. Those spaces where we pay little attention but they fill and colour most of our day and dreams of night. All that we feel but cannot touch … speak but cannot say …listen and do not hear.

Nature, visual imagery, movement and the human experience, a song and dance where we lose and find ourselves intermittently.

Around is dynamic, distracted and diverse. It’s the transformation from grit and grunge to glamour and gloss, turning the everyday into something massive, resplendent and unexpected.

Rowena studied and graduated from Swinburne University with an Honors Degree in Graphic Design. She ran her own graphic design business for 12 years and following moved into the corporate sector as a designer.

Rowena left the corporate world to pursue and build this art collection on which she has been working on over the last 2 years. She now dedicates her time to exploring, indulging, pushing and pulling her passion for colour, movement and light through around.

Welcome to around

Spectacular round art that brings spirit and soul to your space. Designed by local Melbourne artist Rowena Carlin, this vibrant, electric art celebrates colour by design to a powerful effect. Rowena fuses innovative orchestral design, imaginative translations of nature, harmonies of jazz and the rhythms of techno into a full circular body of emotion. A pop of colour makes your spirit soar, dulcet tones cool and calm. Around is a sophisticated percussion of digital engagement.

There is no beginning, no end, around is your symphony, your circle of dreams and desire.

Rowena has always been drawn to the shape of a circle. She gravitates towards its ethereal elegance and falls into its timeless beauty. A blissful ignorance of sharp edges and rigid corners, its soft curve and seamless strength envelopes a body of emotion.

With no intersection or disconnection around is contemporary circular art capturing memories, moments and mood.

Around is a digital mesh of tone, light, colour and movement. It’s a digital dance, a fusion of illustration, photography and technology creating new art. Layered like scores of music this process creates a grand symphony of visual splendour.

Embracing current technologies, around is not paint on canvas but cutting edge, high end digital printing on 3mm white or aluminium die-bond with a gloss finish. It’s fresh, dynamic and innovative. Presented in its circular form, this mood enhancing art is an inspiration for any contemporary interior or designed space.