Steve Hamilton

b. 1971

def: Instinctive, raw, self-taught

My art is instinctive, natural and unfiltered.  As a self-taught artist, there is no pretense or justification for what I paint, and the methods used have evolved over time through exploration, trial and error.

Growing up in Bairnsdale in regional Victoria, I had very little exposure to art in any form.  My childhood was supportive and explorative, with a focus on learning life skills and being the best person possible – a great foundation.  Fortuitously, by not having any artistic influence or teachings, it has allowed a true and unfiltered representation of my art to now be expressed.

My practice started late in life (at age 33) when I started to draw simple images, graduating to small surrealism acrylic paintings, and thereafter more detailed abstract and figurative based works, in charcoal and ink.  Since, it has progressed to large scale paintings with a wide range of traditional and non-traditional mediums including oils, acrylic, enamel spray, ink, and simple textas.  With a hiatus from practice between 2009 and 2015 to raise a young family and with work commitments, my practice is has now been re-established.  Focusing on the totality of my work, I now make all frames and stretch my own canvases.  This enables me to be in control of the entire process, from conception to finalisation.

My practice in focused on what comes naturally, and not planning or asking why.  My practice is continually evolving – at its own pace (often fast!), testing its own boundaries.  Through this process I am continually pushing the material qualities of the mediums used, allowing the materials to interplay at will, and to arrive at their own final destination.

My latest work explores the connection between form, colour, play and emotion.  The raw and playful character of my work harnesses and celebrates the beauty of form, and provides the viewer with a conversation starter.  There is a lot that can be found, unfound and explored in these works.  I believe that is the true nature of painting on instinct.  It can often be what has been left out that is the most intriguing…


2007 – 2009                 Nexus Modern Art, South Melbourne, Vic

2008                            Art Moments, Bondi, NSW

2006 – 2008                Gallery M, South Melbourne, Vic



2008                            Art Moments, Bondi, NSW – Figurative Moments Exhibition

2007 – 2009                 Nexus Modern Art, South Melbourne, Vic (group displays + Exhibitions)

2006 – 2008                Gallery M, South Melbourne, Vic (group displays)

2006 – 2007                 Ruben Salon, Essendon, Vic (solo display)

2006                            Cut Paw Paw Café, Yarraville, Vic (solo exhibition)

+ Private and corporate collections