Steve Hamilton

b. 1971

There is no pretence or justification for what I paint; I paint on instinct, and my methods have evolved over time through exploration, trial and error. My inspiration comes simply from an intrinsic urge to paint, to explore colour and movement, and to create art that draws on and evokes positive emotions. As a self-taught artist, my practice in focused on what comes naturally, not planning or asking why, and letting the work evolve under its own direction. I am continually pushing the material qualities of the mediums used, bringing together traditional and non-traditional techniques, and allowing each piece to arrive at its own final destination. As someone who paints because it is who I am, there is nothing more grounding and rejuvenating that losing myself in a world of colour – mask on, aerosol in hand, and a canvas waiting
to come to life. It may blur the boundaries between street and contemporary art, but that’s my place.

My current series pays homage to a childhood we have all experienced, and often wish we could return to without (too much) guilt!

Candy, lollies and all things sugary. Enjoy in abundance