Vesna Peko-Luketic

I believe that art must evoke a positive or negative response from the viewer, it needs to be all consuming, it is all consuming!

2014 Exhibition: “WO-MAN”

8 March – 15 April

I derive my inspiration from the visual image, however, I am more interested in the inner feel, the essence of an object or a subject.  I am not only concerned with the outer shell or the mere visual representation of a form or an object rather I am drawn to its innate ethereal quality and this is what inspires my art and  takes precedence over reality.

I source inspiration from life finding endless subject matter from life.

The characters in my art are people whom I have seen in clubs, bars, restaurants; they are recreated in my mind in order to express the lyricism of rhythm, music and dance.

I am fascinated by the power of colour and energy of colour, the flicker of light, the fracturing of light; a kaleidoscope of light creating a powerful and passionate illusion of movement, rhythm and energy.

The manipulation of image through the use of colour and light allows me to create the illusion of space, depth, movement yet equally contained on the surface of the picture plane.

Vesna Peko-Luketic completed a Diploma of Art and Design (Fine and Art 2 &3 Dimensional Design) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Visual Arts, Painting and Printmaking) at Monash University, Caulfied, Victoria.

A professional painter and printmaker who for the past three years has been experimenting with Digital Art. Vesna is fascinated by the technology today, it appeals to her personality, where she can express a feeling or emotion instantaneously. “I can draw anywhere, at anytime and before me I have a palette of colours and tools on my iPad or iMac” she says. “The iPad has allowed me to express myself throughout my travels around the world”.

1989 Jarman Gallery, Hawthorn.

1989-1990  Blackforest Gallery, Gisborne.

1990 Piccollo Spoletto Festival, Eastern European Artists Exhibition, Doncaster Art Gallery.

1991  ‘Women 91’ Exhibition, Brunswick Town Hall, Part of 1990 Brunswick Festival.

1991 June- September. Project Manager, The Croatian Community Visual Arts Project, Organ Factory Arts Centre, Clifton Hill. Through this project the Croatian Visual Art Centre in Flemington was established which actively includes the broader community.

1993 The Croatian Community Visual Arts Exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria.

1994 December/January. The Art of Concern, Arts Post Gallery, Ballarat Contemporary Artists Gallery.

1994 The Art of Concern, The Laurels – Bacchus Marsh Adult Education Centre Inc.

1995 June/July Through the Eyes of Children Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

1995 September Through the Eyes of Children, Gabriel Gallery, Footscray Community Arts Centre.

2001 – Current Established Family Homestead Genuine Free Range Egg farm, Myrniong.