Wendy Cohen

Wendy Cohen produces dynamic and vibrant paintings that coalesce a series of styles, with hints of surrealist and cubist influence, into something truly of her own making. A playfully bright and light-hearted spirit is evident throughout the whimsically imaginative creations she produces, taking viewers on a fantastic journey. Faces and figures emerge from movements of line, texture and form, with vibrant hues exploding in a joyous dance of colour.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Wendy Cohen felt drawn to the creativity of the African tribes which surrounded her and carried their sense of freedom and wonder into her art.   She has been living in Sydney for 12 years and has studied under the notorious guidance and mentorship of Annette Pringle for 7 years.  She has been exhibiting her works in Sydney since 2004 as well as participating in exhibitions in New York, Miami, Italy and in Melbourne.   Her works are held in collections in Sydney, New York, Melbourne, New Zealand and in various parts of the USA.