Brides of Christ 1932-1941

    Brides of Christ
    Holy Cross Convent
    1932 – 1941

    These were biblical ‘Valiant Women’
    (Proverbs 31:10)

    They were holy, prayerful, hard working, caring, happy and human.

    Memories from a Holy Cross Convent Boarder

    M. Columba – artistic and always ready with a tale of the past.

    Sister Gertrude – her dark glasses always prevented boarders from knowing (for sure) if at study time they were being observed.

    Sister Gerard – her discipline

    Sister Joan – at the time we did not realise what a gentle lady she really was. Great exam results despite the unmusical efforts of her music theory class. She was quick tempered; flying music books were not uncommon.

    M. di Pazzi – music, music, music… She could play anything put before her.

    Sister Teresa – never gave up the old ‘habit’ and never gave up trying to turn Holy Cross girls into ladies.

    M. Ursula – a gentle lady but commanding of respect.

    Sister Geraldine – another great teacher but easily upset by mischievous boarders, especially when they carried on with the male botany students.

    Sister Carmel – returned to us as a sister and she enriched our late night recreation dancing with her music.

    M. Lawrence – very much the Reverend Mother… her demeanour had most of the students in awe but young Jimmy with a smart remark could put a smile on her face.

    M. Stanislaus – The Reverend Mother… a remote figure of authority to young boarders whose misdemeanours were not serious enough to be brought before her.

    M. General Columba – a VIP. A regular visitor to our Holy Cross Convent, students had mixed feelings about a private interview as we knew she was on the lookout for ‘vocations’.

    Sister Anthony – talking to her chooks…and herself.

    Sister Carthage – cheerfully busy in the dormitories

    Sister Helena – dispensing glasses of warm ‘salts’ (with a slice of apple to kill the taste), and hot sudsy water for chilblained feet.

    Sister Vincent – bent praying in the chapel.

    Sister Monica – cream cloaks of nuns celebrating her funeral

    M. Gertrude – being quiet in the corridor outside her sick room

    M. Margaret – trying to calm boarders at late night study when the wind moaned through the garden trees.

    Sister Patrick – taking mending sessions and trying to locate and hush the whistling boarders…so unladylike!

    Sister Angela – sweet and gentle; no match for naughty girls. Both Sisters Angela and Patrick had beautiful Irish accents of the ‘real’ sisters.

    Sister Fabian – friendly and full of fun! Remember her reading ‘Wind in the Willows’ to boarders under the trees by the tennis courts.

    Sister Christopher – turning her famous steely stare on the boarder who, when leaving the study room, unthinkingly switched off the light…and…had to return to switch it on again!

    M. Loyola – vigorous teaching methods, especially with French: “You should do your homework – so you ought!” as she thumped on the desk with her ruler, her book or her black belt.

    M. Aloysius – a wonderful teacher and respected reverend mother. Trying to suppress laughter as she asked a boarder in disgrace what she found to write about a certain day boy. She had evidence of his literary skills (much to his Aunty Loyola’s anger!)


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