The Chapel

The beautiful Convent chapel was built in 1904 and has remained relatively untouched, the ceiling and Baltic pine floors, the stained-glass door and windows are remnants of the old Convent. The original stained-glass windows feature dedications to local pastoralists Margaret, Mary and John Evans.

The chapel was the sister’s private place of worship. Students who boarded here attended daily mass, praying the rosary and took part in many annual religious ceremonies. “We behaved as if we were in the presence of the Lord, and we were”, said ex-student Merlyn de Van Schueren. Students and sisters entered the chapel from the dormitory; the front door was rarely used. The front door is made of solid oak, with an exquisite original stained glass window. Through it you enter into the vestibule, where on the left was the Reverend Mother’s office.

Entering the Chapel from the Gift Shop

The impulse when entering any place of worship is to walk straight ahead into the beckoning chamber. The Holy Cross Chapel holds the delightful surprise of a staircase which one must ascend to the chapel. Here on the landing, where one experiences the strongest impulse to tip-toe, is another beautiful door. Behind this door is the sacred place of worship. For ninety years the Sisters of the Presentation Order prayed here. The chapel exudes their presence. This is a sanctuary, a place of peace and order. It must be approached with reverence for what it is and for those who will be drawn into prayer there.


Designer Brian Atwood

Sex and the City, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo have long been the holy trinity of high end women’s footwear until now.

Milan based American designer Brian Atwood, a relative newcomer to the field, has ascended the ranks quickly since he started designing in 2001 and currently replica christian louboutin counts celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow among his fans. One reason? His signature hidden platforms boast a distinctively pronounced toe box that is equal parts feminine and fetishist.

A former model who transitioned into designing ready to wear for Versace, Atwood goes for sexy glamour, imbuing his designs with reflective surfaces, jewelled embellishments and rows of gold studs.

He also likes to give his shoes pop cultural currency by sometimes naming them after well known women of the moment, from the ubiquitous Lady Gaga to Dorota, the fictional maid on

Gossip Girl.

During a visit last week to Toronto, where he signed women’s soles and showed off his spring offerings at the Room, the luxurious retail space at the Bay’s downtown flagship, Atwood rested his feet long enough red bottom shoes to talk about flats, fragrance and a frowned upon museum habit.

When a woman walks into a room, the first thing you look at is

Her shoes! I’ve caught myself red bottom heels doing that and sometimes it’s really obvious.

No, not before I got into this.

What did you want to be as a kid?

A red bottom pumps rock star or an architect. I loved building things replica louboutin with a foundation, like, I guess, a shoe But wasn’t until I was working at Versace and was asked to design shoes for haute couture that I really got my hands dirty in a shoe factory.

I do flats, but the stores don’t buy them because their customer wants that red bottoms [he points to a pair of high heels]

Do you think women can still be sexy in flats?

Definitely. But in their heads, it’s high heels [that are sexy] When a man compliments you on your shoes, it’s not going to be the louboutin replica kitten heel.

Compare your early designs to those of now.

Well, the heels are higher. A four inch heel then was like a six inch christian louboutin replica now.

Why do you think heels have become so high?

Because we’ve gotten used to it Everyone is doing it red bottom boots and people want that silhouette. Nothing is worse than seeing someone who can’t walk.

I just went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York and saw [works by]Jackson Pollock and Yves Klein. I take so many pictures that the [security people get upset] I usually carry sketchbooks with me everywhere I go and I always keep fabric swatches and colours. Eventually, I will mount a show and display everything.

Do you see yourself doing any mass collaborations?

Definitely. I think it’s great to have your whipped cream on top of the sundae, but why not have the whole sundae? And it’s always a compliment to see someone wearing your shoes, whether [they cost]$1,000 or $200.

When do you think we went from being in an It bag moment to an It shoe moment?

I would say three or four years ago, when the shoe just became what you needed and, in terms of your outfit, your core foundation.Articles Connexes:

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