The Perfect Scone

The Convent Scones

In 1988 the dilapidated Holy Cross Convent was purchased by creative visionary and artist, Tina Banitska, and was later resurrected as the Convent Gallery and Cafe. Situated on the slopes of Wombat Hill overlooking Daylesford, the quirky gallery hosts Robes de bal courte
both local and international artist exhibits in their eight individual galleries and has a cool gift shop that you’re bound to find something for every taste.

The Bad Habits Cafe is bright and airy and if the weather is warm have a seat in the garden. The scones are straight out of the oven and onto my plate 312-76 before they get a chance to cool down. I can taste the nutmeg and cinnamon in the big scones and they have a 70-462 creamy fluffy texture.  There’s enough of the raspberry jam and the double thick cream to be spread liberally, and I try to do the right thing by balancing it out with a Wellness Tea from the Tea Tonic range, after all it’s still breakfast time! Wander around the gardens, and if your visit coincides Robes de mariée with the weekend, grab a drink in the Altar Bar. Saying that, sometimes they hold four to five weddings on the weekend, so check in case the bar is being used. It’s a jovial place to hang out and every one of the staff has big personalities that match the building’s fascinating EX300 history and pizzazz brilliantly.

Reviewed by: Toni Krasicki of Devonshire Tea Adventures




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