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The beautiful Convent chapel was built in 1904 and has remained relatively untouched, the ceiling and Baltic pine floors, the stained-glass door and windows are remnants of the old Convent. The original stained-glass windows feature dedications to local pastoralists Margaret, Mary and John Evans.

About The Chapel

The chapel was the sister’s private place of worship. Students who boarded here attended daily mass, praying the rosary and took part in many annual religious ceremonies. “We behaved as if we were in the presence of the Lord, and we were”, said ex-student Merlyn de Van Schueren.

Students and sisters entered the chapel from the dormitory; the front door was rarely used. The front door is made of solid oak, with an exquisite original stained glass window. Through it you enter into the vestibule, where on the left was the Reverend Mother’s office.

Entering the Chapel

The impulse when entering any place of worship is to walk straight ahead into the beckoning chamber. The Holy Cross Chapel holds the delightful surprise of a staircase which one must ascend to the chapel. Here on the landing, where one experiences the strongest impulse to tip-toe, is another beautiful door.

Behind this door is the sacred place of worship. For ninety years the Sisters of the Presentation Order prayed here. The chapel exudes their presence. This is a sanctuary, a place of peace and order. It must be approached with reverence for what it is and for those who will be drawn into prayer there.

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