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Peter Kirk

Acrylic on Canvas – Peter believes that his success as a painter relies on his love of learning, his personal drive and his curiosity and ability to capture true feelings in his work that connect with the viewer. He has a passion for painting which he describes as a physical pleasure that runs alongside his
desire to represent himself and his ideas. He is unwilling to limit himself to one style, one specific pursuit or one thematic search in order.

Debra Jackson

“The inspiration for my exhibition comes from the beauty of our vast Australian landscape. My artwork is an attempt to capture a deeper meaning and spirit which comes with my connection to this land. I have developed a great interest in the naturally occurring and man made patterns and designs and represent the organic landscape with layers of textured paint, pattern and colour.”

Heather Smith

Heather is a Bendigo-based artist. She draws inspiration from the natural bush surrounding her home, bordering the Greater Bendigo National Park. The changing colours and moods of the bush energise her to create magic on a canvas with luscious, buttery oil paints.

Glenys Buzza

“For me, charcoal on paper is the soul of all drawing and painting media.

Faced with a sheet of beautiful white paper and a stick of rough willow charcoal there are no escape routes, no ways to disguise, no distractions such as colour, and no second chances. Just purity!”

Jordon Reed

Jordan Reed is a self- taught artist with a recognisable and distinctive style. His childhood was spent living in Northern country Victoria, later settling in the inner-suburbs of Melbourne, between periods of international travel.

Jennifer Feller

Jennifer Feller, an award winning modern impressionist, trained and worked as a graphic artist in London and Melbourne. She has since engaged in many different forms of artistic expression, including production of highly successful home wares, designing children’s clothing and interior design.  Oil painting, however, is Jennifer’s greatest passion.

Angela Anderson

Unsurpassed shorelines, meandering creeks, the iconic Cable Beach, rugged
pindan rocky cliffs, these elements all combine to set the stage for the main
feature, the Kimberley coast. It’s from the breathtaking coastal vistas that I
draw my artist inspiration and it’s an idyllic palette for my studio.

Yael Susan Rayman

Yael’s works are based on spirituality, colour and a unique modern style. With a degree from Monash in Fine Arts, as well as Film and Television studies at Swinburne, Yael draws inspiration from the Baroque and Rococo periods

Graeme Myrteza

“My name is Graeme Myrteza, proud family man, farmer and painter from the hills of Thorpdale, a small country town in Gippsland, Victoria.  I have lived and worked here nearly all of my life.”

Pamela Orola

Working primarily with oil paints, Pamela Orola combines the use of a bold colour palette and slight misappropriation to depict the strong characteristics of one’s personality.

Tony Edelman

Tony Edelman lives and works in Toorak, Melbourne. His abstract paintings are intended to reflect the viewer’s subjective experience. They are currently displayed alongside his series of Liz Taylor and Judy Garland portraits. 

Robyn Riley

Robyn Riley is a local artist who lived in Melbourne for many years and has happily found her way to regional Victoria. She has exhibited and sold her work in the Dandenong Ranges, Bass Coast region and Melbourne. Robyn’s art has been her constant passion throughout life’s peaks and troughs and has now found a home at the Convent Gallery.

Stella Clarke

Oil on Canvas

Barbara Hauser

Oil on Fabric

Jennifer Feller

Oil on Canvas

Ross McIntosh


Bill Ogilvie


Jane Creenaue


Richard Lamprecht


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