Robyn Kittelty-Redman

Robyn was born in Geelong and completed her art training at Ringwood Technical College under artists Bruce Fletcher, Graeme More and Jack Montgomery. She followed this by teaching in community education for several years before opening the first of several schools and galleries.

Robyn has worked and painted overseas in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Fiji and Italy bringing back to Australia sell out exhibitions from each country.

Robyn has 193 awards in painting ranging across all mediums. She has works and teaches in oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastel, mixed media, drawing and collage at her art school “Studio West” in Geelong. Robyn has recorded several teaching videos and has taught classes in 69 towns across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania and spent eighteen months representing Art Spectrum which is a brand she loves and believes in.

Robyn is a respected teacher and judge of art shows. She paints full time and teaches eighty five students a week as well as workshops and master classes in Geelong and across Victoria. Along with her husband Robyn opened Australia’s first residential art school, Horizons in 1985. Robyn has taught many students to award level and believes that anyone can paint if they truly want to and are taught well. Robyn’s motto is that You can because you believe you can.

Robyn’s collage Fat Ladies and Geisha along with her red Poppies are her trademarks.
They are joyful, colourful and enormous fun.