Simon Brushfield

Simon Brushfield was born in 1970 in Geelong, Victoria. Fascinated at the age of five by dripping colored paint onto a spinning canvas at a local fete, Simon’s destiny was set in place. After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Ballarat University, he graduated with a Masters in Design at The University of Technology in Sydney.

Simon Brushfield uses mixed media and vibrant colors to produce emotive and imaginative works of art. His sense of freedom and intuitive artistic appreciation has produced a uniquely expressive style of abstract art that has been developing over many years through his life’s journey. By combining paint with various raw materials the artist attempts to present an illusion of other worldliness extending beyond the physical reality of the canvas, harmoniously exploring the boundless beauty of the human collective soul. The colors used reflect a love of the tumultuous landscape of life and are intended as a point of departure for the human imagination.

His use of color is strong and intense, attempting to define human feelings and experiences. The raw materials and objects are localized resources provided by the universe, elements included in the life of the artist and purposefully placed into the context of his work. The works are timeless visual and emotional recordings, encouraging a thoughtful acceptance of an intangible world of intuitive feeling.

Simon’s artwork is on display in many private collections throughout Geelong, Melbourne, and Sydney. He has had numerous private and public solo exhibitions.