Nestled on the crest of Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, over-looking Daylesford, The Convent boasts expansive views of the countryside and township below. A feast for the senses, the gallery is more than a three level haven of fine art in an historic 19th century mansion. With its decadent retail areas, Mediterranean restaurant, relaxing Altar bar and lounge, restored chapel, nuns museum, penthouse apartment and two stunning glass fronted function spaces, all surrounded by six acres of stunning gardens, this multi-award winning gallery offers endless possibilities for a unique and satisfying experience.

Opening hours:

Open 7 Days
10am – 4pm

Holiday opening hours:

Good Friday CLOSED
Easter Monday CLOSED
Christmas Day CLOSED
Boxing Day CLOSED
New Year’s Eve 10am-3pm
New Year’s Day CLOSED

Admission fee $5.00

Getting here by car:

Daylesford is about a 70 minute trip from Melbourne CBD travelling by car and just under an hour from Tullamarine (Melbourne) Airport. The Hume, Calder and Western highways, and the Tullamarine Freeway, all lead to the region.

Driving directions from Melbourne:

From Melbourne airports:

Getting here by public transport:

Victoria’s country rail operator, V/Line, operates several services daily to Daylesford, via train to Woodend, Ballarat or Castlemaine, with a connecting coach service to Daylesford. For more details, view the PDF timetable or visit the V/Line website.

Note: There are also more frequent trains to Ballan, however you will need to get a taxi from Ballan to Daylesford (approximate 25 min drive).

Hepburn Shire Council also provides information about connecting bus services to Melbourne and to other towns in the area. Details.


Inline with The Convent’s vision to create an environment to allow access to the arts for all, the historic building is wheelchair friendly. Our wheelchair access point is via the west-side of the building, to the left of the chapel. Upon arrival, please call the gallery on 03 5348 3211 and one of our friendly team will assist you.

Being in doghouse really not so hard

Guillermo Gonzales with two of his pigs next to a miniature replica of his house that he keeps in the safari themed living room, near Austin, Texas, June 20, 2012. (STACY SODOLAK / NYT)

Guillermo Gonzales with two of his pigs next to a miniature replica of his house that he keeps in the safari themed living room, near Austin, Texas, June 20, 2012. (STACY SODOLAK / NYT)

doghouse3 (3 of 5)

Two of Guillermo Gonzales’s pigs inside a miniature replica of his house that he keeps in the safari themed living room. (STACY SODOLAK / NYT)

Two of Guillermo Gonzales pigs inside a miniature replica of his house that he keeps in the safari themed living room. (STACY SODOLAK / NYT)

doghouse4 (4 of 5)

Brian Pickard, an architect, with the doghouse he designed for his neighbour’s dog, Thor, in Philadelphia, Pa. (STEVE LEGATO / NYT)

Brian Pickard, an architect, with the doghouse he designed for his neighbour dog, Thor, in Philadelphia, Pa. (STEVE LEGATO / NYT)

doghouse5 (5 of 5)

Lucy in front of a doghouse built from a single log retrieved from a swamp after hurricane Katrina.

Lucy in front of a doghouse built from a single log retrieved from a swamp after hurricane Katrina.

Take, for instance, the Palladian style mini mansion that Glenna and Ed Hall bought at a charity auction three years ago for about $300. With Jeffersonian columns that match the ones on their home in Roanoke, Va., the two foot tall doghouse makes a perfect accent for the garden. No one seems to mind that the garden is off limits to Maggie May, their 28 pound whippet borzoi mix least of all Maggie May.

bought the house because it looks a lot like our house, said Glenna Hall, 66, a retired interior designer. never been in it. She a house dog. doghouses were where dogs actually lived, separate from the family. But now that dogs are increasingly considered members of the family, their homes are becoming more like second homes and in some cases, they entirely ornamental.

Sure, there are still plenty of doghouses built for dogs to live in. But there are also an impressive number built the way Christian Louboutin makes shoes: You can walk in them (sort of), but clearly that not the point.

As Michelle Pollak, an interior designer who creates custom doghouses under the name La Petite Maison, observed: our clients say, Hey, we like a replica of our home for the dog, and half say, This replica louboutin is the dream house we always envisioned but couldn afford in real life like a French palace for the French poodle. detail is too small, right down to the hand painted portrait of the dog in residence. For supermodel Rachel Hunter showpiece doghouse in the Los Angeles area, Pollak supplied hand painted wallcovering dotted with pawprints and bones, as well as framed pictures of dogs. Her business partner, a builder named Alan Mowrer, installed wrought iron light fixtures and terra cotta flooring.

had to hand make every tile of the Mediterranean roof, Pollak said.

The average price of their doghouses is about $5,000 or $6,000, she said, although it red bottom pumps is not unheard of for people to spend more than $25,000. (Hunter was more than $16,000, Pollak said, although she could not recall an exact figure.)

Such excess can be an invitation to criticism, but Pollak offered a quick rebuttal.

will come and say, This is such a waste of money, why would anybody do this? she said. I red bottom heels can say is that if you have the money, what the difference between spending it on a pet house or on a piece of diamond jewelry? she said, christian louboutin replica many of her clients build houses for dogs they have either rescued or adopted from shelters. One client, in fact, had a disabled rescue dog for which Pollak and Mowrer created a handicapped accessible home.

adjusted all of the windows and the doors to allow the dog to see out the window, she said, if he was lying down. design tends to be popular with architects and home builders, who sometimes refer to it as and donate their creations to charity auctions that raise money for animal shelters. Designers say they love doghouses because they small and fun and allow lots of room for creativity.

As Brian Pickard, an architect in Philadelphia, put it: I build a doghouse and somebody is anticipating that it going to last 10 years in their backyard, it different from designing a house that somebody is red bottoms expecting will last for 50 years. I can be more experimental. 29, got his start louboutin replica as an architecture student at The Ohio red bottom shoes State University, designing a modernist doghouse inspired by the work of the Swiss architect Mario Botta. He called it the (Sub)urban doghouse and gave it to his parents for their chocolate lab, Nash.

kind of began as a simple design exercise, looking at replica christian louboutin something that didn deal with building code and clients who weren going to change the program halfway through, he said. became a way to experiment with styles and construction methods. his neighbour, Dave Sharihari, a 31 year old high school vice principal, Pickard recently designed a doghouse to shelter Thor, a 90 pound Alapaha Blue Blood bulldog, and Thor mother, Lucy, who spend part of the day outside.

it rains, they need someplace to hang red bottom boots out, Sharihari said.

To offer inspiration, he told Pickard that he admired the work of Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, whose firm designed the new home for the Barnes Foundation art collection in Philadelphia.

kind of very clean and modern, Sharihari said, observing that his 1 by 1.5 metre doghouse seems to echo that aesthetic.

For dogs who don spend even part of the day outdoors, there are still plenty of choices. FormaItalia, a division of the Italian furniture maker Chiavari, sells lacquered indoor kennels and pet beds that can be suspended from the ceiling. Denhaus, a company in Seattle, makes dog crates disguised as household furniture. The Townhaus, a square wooden table, doubles as a holding pen for naughty puppies, and the BowHaus, a circular silver cocktail table, can hold drinks on top and a dog inside.Articles Connexes:

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